Coaching Education

The methods that we use to teach and coach the game of soccer are constantly evolving. We draw from academies and coaching schools from around the world to produce a proven curriculum that allows a parent coach access to those same resources. We can bring to you the platform that will allow you to work with your teams and develop your players in the four main pillars of the game: technical, tactical, physical and psychological.

Through our coaching classes conducted by our in-house Coaching School Instructor, we can show you how to run an efficient training session to help get the best from your players. The PST philosophy of the “the game is the teacher” runs through these programs, allowing players to enjoy their practice sessions, while learning the finer elements of the game through dynamic exercises.

Our course is based upon the NJYSA “F” and “E” courses, conducted by a State Coaching School instructor, and is purely educational and does not qualify the attendee for any state approved certification or insurance. Contact us for more details and to arrange a class for you, your team, club or recreational program, and help bring your players to the next level.

Typical Course Schedule:

 1 hour:  Classroom

  • Coaching philosophy and methodology
  • Care and prevention
  • Laws of the game

4 hour:  Field 

  • 45 min – Dribbling
  • 60 min – Passing and receiving
  • 45 min – Goalkeeping
  • 45 min – Shooting and finishing
  • 45 min – Small sided games
Coaching Ed