Our coaches follow a curriculum that travels the pathway of development for players aged 8 to 18. Each team will experience a season long program age appropriate to each group.

With the younger ages (U8’s and U9’s) we focus on technical development of the basic soccer skills, from individual dribbling to passing, receiving and finishing in front of goal. We also address the first fundamental skills of goalkeeping. All these activities take place within fun and dynamic games that enhance the learning experience.

The U10’s will begin to start to focus on the triangle shape and the dawning of tactical awareness (receiving on the ground and in the air, and addressing the safety of heading), mostly in the 4v4 small game format.

U12’s then continue on this path to playing in larger sided games while addressing and analyzing game situations and employing tactics in a larger group situation. We call it “reading the game;” all the time working on personal techniques. Before players can improve in a large game situation they should be comfortable with the ball in all the basic soccer techniques.

With U13’s and above, the game is now evolved into something closer to the teams we watch at the highest levels. We address team formations and the individual functions within those formations in an 11 v 11 formats.

All of our coaches, no matter how qualified they are, attend regular in-house training sessions to ensure that we adhere to the PST philosophies and keep up to date with the latest training techniques, sharing ideas that we can then bring to your club and team.

Performance Soccer Training has created a unique and diverse tryout evaluation process that will guarantee strong results when restructuring teams and integrating new players. Our evaluation process looks at many aspects and detailed notes are taken on each player in order to compile an accurate account of each participant. We focus strongly on each player’s ability to read, understand and execute his or her soccer skills in as many situations as possible. Whether your putting together a recreation team, travel team, high school team or any other team, Performance Soccer Training can help you perfect your rosters.
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