So you’re thinking of becoming a travel soccer player? No problem, we’ve got it covered. PST provides Small Sided Play designed for children aged 5-7 years. Small Sided Play is a great way for children to learn the basic rules and understandings of Soccer through fun, soccer specific small sided games. Children will learn the basic skill sets and rules of Soccer allowing them to be more ready for competitive soccer come the U7 & U8 age group.
Private Training can be so vital to individual development. By working with a trainer privately on a regular basis, individuals can dramatically improve their technical ability and perform to higher standards on regular occasions. Performance Soccer Training provides quality instruction to all individuals who wish to perfect, develop and grow their technical skills. Our trainers, whether international or domestic, will work closely with each individual on improving their skills and provide necessary feedback on a regular basis. We don’t just work closely with each player; we also work closely with the families!
Held regularly during schools breaks, Pre Club Camps are half day or full day camps that allow children to enjoy fun, theme based games geared towards the sport of Soccer. With over 100 different games among our curriculum, children will have nothing but fun all day at our camps. For players aged 5-7 years old, kids will have a blast at our Pre Club Camps.
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