Private Training can be so vital to individual development. By working with a trainer privately on a regular basis, individuals can dramatically improve their technical ability and perform to higher standards on regular occasions. Performance Soccer Training provides quality instruction to all individuals who wish to perfect, develop and grow their technical skills. Our trainers, whether international or domestic, will work closely with each individual on improving their skills and provide necessary feedback on a regular basis. We don’t just work closely with each player; we also work closely with the families!
Whether it’s Tactical, Technical, Physical or Psychological development you’re looking to improve, our Small Group Training is the perfect way to go. By working in groups no larger than 6 individuals, Performance Soccer Training works closely on select areas of the game with the intention of helping players understand, enhance and improve their abilities in various areas. Our instructors will tactically fine tune your understanding of multiple scenarios and situations that may arise at any point during the game and technically give you the ability to overcome these situations. Small Group Training is a great way to perform better!
Goalkeepers are the last line of defense and one of the most important positions on the field. A goalkeeper needs to have unique skills in marshalling his defense as well as be able to deal with crossed balls, low shots, high shots and goalmouth scrambles. A goalkeeper needs to have great straight-line speed in getting off his line and closing down attackers one on one, as well as have the tactical awareness to distribute the ball to his teammates to begin the next attack. PST is committed to helping develop goalkeepers of any age and help them bring success to any team they play on.
Our College ID camp is designed to provide college coaches a chance to evaluate and assess student athletes in a small soccer-training environment before the summer ID camps happen at college campuses. We provide a camp that works on individual skills and also prepares players for what is expected at summer college ID camps.

Additionally, if a player wants to showcase their talents at college ID camps during the summer, we can assist by providing avenues to getting into top camps. Our evaluations will pinpoint what needs to be worked on to best showcase talents. During our College ID camp, we plan to have a college coach do a Q&A session for parents and players to learn more about student/athletes applying to college and the demands on a student/athlete once in college.

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DVD Portfolios are usually requested by college coaches when applying to certain schools, especially schools that are not local to your current home. Performance Soccer Training can help you build a visual resume, which includes a history about each individual and their abilities during performance. Also included in the DVD are visual references from experienced professionals who can supply knowledge to the school about your abilities. We also can include additional footage and academics in each DVD in order to more fully develop your portfolio.
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