We’d like to introduce you to a more comprehensive soccer training experience than you maybe used to. Our experienced and professional coaching staff has strong international backgrounds and youth development experience that allows PST to provide quality programs and services. We are not an academy nor affiliated with any academy. We simply provide effective, educational and thorough soccer training to our clients.

This summer we are looking to work with teams over a 7 week period focusing on two training sessions per week accompanied by one additional conditioning session based around injury prevention, speed, agility, quickness, strength and conditioning. We will also take each team we work with to three local New Jersey tournaments during June 15th-August 1st. We do not provide tryout sessions in order to form teams as we focus on developing current club teams.

Each is provided with the following:
– Dedicated Performance Soccer Training Coaching Staff Member
– Two Training Tee Shirts
– Playing Uniform including Home & Away Jersey and Short
– Fourteen 90 Minute Training Sessions
– Seven 60 Minute Conditioning Sessions
– 3 NJ Tournaments

The cost per player for this training program is only $450 and we work with all teams both small sided and full sided. For further information, contact us at (201) 345-1414, extension 2. All summer teams must be registered with us by May 15th in order for us to reserve tournament spaces.

This is it, the perfect way to prepare, perform and play! Performance Soccer Training offers an unmatched team training development camp designed toward preparing teams for upcoming seasons and tournaments. Our week long Team Development Camp allows your team to work with a professional instructor each day, improving all aspects of a player’s and a team’s abilities. Teams will go through everything needed in order to improve and succeed including all elements of technical, tactical, physical and psychological play. We work closely with the coaches of each team to ensure that the correct training is applied to each team and all of their players. We also have a Goalkeeping instructor at each camp that will provide elite Goalkeeping instruction to all Goalkeepers attending. Our usual camp day would run 3 hours based on individual and team instruction, 30 minutes for lunch and a 60-minute scrimmage against another team attending the camp.

Each Team Development Camp is only open to FOUR teams per week arranged by gender, age and ability, allowing the optimal environment for development. A minimum of 12 players is permitted for full-sided teams and 9 players for small-sided teams. This is the perfect camp for team development.

Team Development Camps are weekly camps offered:
Monday through Thursday 9am to 2pm

For further information, contact us at (201) 345-1414, extension 2.  All summer teams for the Team Development Camp must be registered by June 15.

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