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Stateline Soccer Club is an advanced soccer club designed to bring youth players a competitive platform in which to develop and improve their abilities. Our primary focus is to provide a quality level of instructional development in a committed environment with professional training. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent standards of growth, development and leadership, which is implemented through our dedicated coaching staff.

Our curricula are designed and built around the modern day successes of European youth academies and catered toward providing each age group a strong pathway to success. We build heavily around improving and educating younger players technical abilities in order to provide them a strong foundation to build around. Our tactical and psychological approach with players is also a major focal point of our curriculum for players 10 years old and up.

Our staff our dedicated to providing the best instruction available to all players they work with and seeing their development flourish. Each team is assigned a professional trainer who will conduct all training sessions and game day activities with their team. Our management is highly driven toward seeing that each team, trainer and player work well with each other in order to maximize their experience within Stateline Soccer Club.

We participate in many tournaments at a competitive level as well as higher competitive league play. This is a committed program geared toward providing quality development to all of our players.

For more information, visit the Stateline SC website at, or call 201.785.7055 or email

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